Friday, June 24, 2011

Fancy seeing you here!

Yeah, it's been a while.  And for a good reason.  For most of June I have had family visiting from Australia, most importantly my parents, brother and his girlfriend.  So as you can imagine, the last two months have been crazy busy for me, which is the reason for my absence and I do apologize. 

I had a fantastic time with family, with wonderful memories made.  Just a big thank you to everyone!  Love you all!

With that, I can say I am back to blogging!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aesthetics vs. Semantics

I came across this jolly design on my Pinterest today and really took to the quote. Now being a writer, I should have noticed it earlier but the word "loose" is spelt incorrectly which is all anyone could comment about.  Whether it was intentional or a typo etc. etc. Frankly I could care less, I just like how it's designed :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter vintage themed gift tags for you to enjoy! 

Let's also not forget the great sacrifice that was made for all of us during this season.  Have a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi, My Name is Cheap

I don't know if anyone knew this, but my middle name happens to be "Cheap."  Let's just clarify that, that's Cheap in the frugal sense and not what you were thinking.  Anyway, I often like to live out my name by visiting all manners of what is sometimes called the flea market, Peddlers Mall, consignment stores, or as we like to call it back in the land of Oz, TnT!  That's Trash and Treasure!

Sundays are usually the best times to visit the flea market, and growing up, I remember going with my parents and finding all sorts of knick knacks and do dadds and any other funny sounding names you can think of for house hold parts, house hold decor, yard equipment excetera, excetera.  For me now, my favorite times to visit these places are after work!  Yes after work.  It is somewhat therapeutic actually and gives me time to unwinde and just walk around finding all sorts of treasures.  So yesterday I did just that and I took a bunch of pictures of items I thought would be great after having gone through a transformation.  I didn't come away with anything but I have my eye on a few items that I'm waiting for the price to go down further.  Remember my middle name is Cheap.  I must say I have haggled in the past before and although both times (yes just twice) I've been successful, it's not in my nature.  I do have a limit of paying $15.00 at the most for an item.

Without further ado, here are the stars of this post, of course given that perfect makeover.

1.  With a nice clean, this dresser would be perfect in a bedroom.
2.  I love the distressed look of this cupboard which i see perfectly in a bathroom.
3.  I adore this kitchen island, but my perfect use for it would be as a cutting table in my craft studio mMmMm.
4.  This wrought iron head board is definitely a diamond in the television rough.
5.  I see plenty of these chairs at the flea market.  Give it a new seat and back cushion with some Galbraith & Pail fabric, and a new coat of paint and there you have a Cinderella chair!
6.  This is what I have my eye on!  It's a sewing table!  Currently at $39, I'm going to wait until it gets down to the $20 mark.  Good lick of paint and new hardware and I'm set!
7.  My love of the ocean and seaside drew me to this painting.  I think I would give a new frame made of distressed wood to add to that seaside charm.
8.  Another seaside piece of art, this time a print.  This was only $9, so I think I will try to go back for this too.
9.  This is another diamond in the rough.  I fell for this chair the minute I saw it and it was burried in a pile of clothing.  Give it a good clean, and a good paint makeover or a good sanding and then a distressed look and I'm set with my soon to be sewing table!
10.  Another find that I adore.  This rattan/wicker chair would be great accompained with a cushion made with some kind of funky fabric.
11.  I have been looking for some armed dining table chairs to put on each end of my dining table.  I saw this one and would be great with a good painting and cleaning and a new seat cushion!
12.  Nice paint job, new knobs and your clothes are good to go with their new pad with this dresser drawer.
13.  Anyone up for a sleigh ride?